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About Us

“Honey and Irinola Company” was established in 2017. The company produces pure honey from Samtskhe-Javakheti meadow flowers and pours it in the clay pots, having a 5500-year history of design. Foundation of the company was inspired by merging of the two oldest fields: pottery and beekeeping – in which my ancestors were working as early as 200 years ago.

Thus, the natural activity and passion for it – passing from generation to generation – was enriched with one more historical fact, resulting in creation of the best brand – “Honey Irinola”.


About Product

“Honey and Irinola Company” is a historical continuation of the family traditions and the oldest Georgian field of beekeeping. World-famous gray species of bees, endemic to Georgia, is mentioned in the ancient sources as a population, carrying the special traits. It is known, that in 2003, during the building process of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, archeologists discovered a clay vessel in a noble woman’s grave, on Trialeti Range. Scientific researches revealed that honey found in the ceramic vessel, was approximately 5500 years old. Hence, the unique discovery changed the history – Georgian honey is 12 centuries older than the ancient Egyptian Tutankhamen’s honey.


Honey in a jar – 300 g.Field Flowers

The clay pot is patented in the name of  ‘Haney and Irinola Company’

Energy (100g) 400k/kal
Nutrition (100g)
Carbohydrate 70g.
Fates 0g
Protein 0.37g
Water 15%
Glucose 30 %
Fructose 39%


Honey in a glass- 400 g.Linden and field flowers

The honey glass  pot is patented in the name of  ‘Honey and Irinola Company’.

Energy (100g) 350k/kal
Nutrition (100g)
Carbohydrate 70g.
Fates 0g
Protein 0.37g
Water 18 %
Glucose 35 %
Fructose 33%


Rustavi Azoti selects brand Irinola

When, notwithstanding multiple offers, Georgian brand of international standard selects Irinola Honey for decorating New Year basket… This is the success!!! Gratitude to Rustavi Azot and its multiple staff!! God give Georgia happy year, sweet like honey!

Silk road forum

… if not Georgian wine, Georgian honey and silk, than which? Gratitude to the organizers of the Forum! On November 28-29, 2017, the second Silk Road forum  "Tbilisi Silk Road" hosted more than 1,000 delegates from around 50 countries. The forum was organized by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Presidential Campaign – Request Georgian

  The Presidential Campaign - Request Georgian. Exhibition of Georgian products at Shardeni street. Gratitude to President of Georgia

President’s certificate to Irinola brand

The First Certificate of the President of Georgia to Irinola Honey    

Kviris Palitra about honey Irinola

  Leading media holding and newspaper Kviris Palitra writing about Honey and Company Irinola

Meidani festival

Start with the most beautiful mood… “…Bee flies between me and the sun, as little ambassador of life” Best offer of “Honey and Company Irinola” God give our motherland sweet life and love!!!    



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